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The company

After gaining extensive experience as a Research and development laboratory manager and then as a Production Technical Director, Bruno Pagani, the current chairman of the group, began his entrepreneurial adventure with the company Resintecnica s.n.c. from 1974 to then continue from 1984 with Plastotex s.r.l., which works in the textile sector of technical clothing and sportswear, specialised in research products with special finishings (couplings, coatings, resinated, metallic, refractive, rubberised).

Our technologies

  • Tekseries® fabrics are technical fabrics designed for autumn and winter and mainly dedicated to the world of cycling.

  • Airtek® fabrics are winter technical fabrics for the skiing and winter sports market.

  • Tek series® soft-shell fabrics are winter technical fabrics for the outdoor market.

  • Pixel® fabrics are revolutionary refractive fabrics for all types of sport where increasing the users' visibility and safety is necessary.

  • Reflective fabrics have reflective effects that create high visibility garments to significantly increase the safety of their users.

  • Skintek technical fabrics are dedicated to speed sports where muscular compression and aerodynamic properties are needed.